Lets Feed Thousands Together

You can do a good deed and help those in need. Pick a cause, pick an amount, and send it on to that cause.

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Our mission is to do God’s work by reaching out to people who are having hard times and unable to see the light through the darkness caused by their problems or life’s obstacles.


Ykares goal is to improve the lives of people in our community who are  in need of a miracle, blessing, or service. People will “live” life and not just survive day to day.

Ykares 4 U would like for the community to be able  to take advantage or our services and recognize the positive attributes about the way our work changes lives.

Rebuilding the Community One Heart at a Time.


Ways that we care

Blood, sweat, and tears go into support from every team member. We are offering many ways to give back to our community and the world. We care about giving back because it improves lives of others, but it is also a way to spread joy and find meaning in what we do.

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Back 2 School Backpack Give Away
Free backpack saturday aUGUST 19,2023 @ Chesapeake CITY PARK SHELTER 6 NEAR FUN FOREST 12:00pm-4:00pm EMAIL AT ykares@ykares4u.org for more information